5 Tips on How to Sleep Less and Get More Energy

Published: 18th August 2010
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Do you want to optimize your time and still maintain energy? Do you wish you have more time in the day to keep up with work, friends and loved ones, and life in general? Getting rid of sleep is not humanly possible, but what you can do is to learn how to sleep less and have more energy. Train yourself to need less sleep.

Yes, it's possible for you to have less time for sleep and more time for work or play without consuming all of your energy and hurting your health. The key is to figure out how much sleep you need. Many people need about 8 hours of sleep at night, but there are also a lot who are able to sleep for only 6 hours at night but function well during the day. If you find that a 6-hour sleep is enough for you, try adding a 15- to 20-minute power nap in the afternoon to boost your energy levels.

If you want to get more out of life, try these 5 tips and tricks on how to sleep less and have more energy:

1. Avoid energy drinks as these contain lots of sugar and caffeine. Your metabolism will burn these drinks off faster than lightning. So you may feel a temporary boost, but after a few minutes, you'll feel a sudden crash. You'll just find yourself grabbing a bottle after another, and this is not good at all.

2. Instead of fueling up on caffeinated drinks, be high on water. Drink plenty of water. It can hydrate every part of your body and refresh you at the same time. Splashing some water on your face also helps if you feel drowsy and tired.

3. You probably think that it can be hard to move when you've had less sleep but exercising or doing any physical activity will actually help you stay awake and alert. Break a little sweat. Walk, jog, or dance so you'll feel energized.

4. If you can't take a nap, just take a rest. Sit back or lay down, breathe deeply and relax for just a few minutes. This also helps refresh your mind and renew your energy level.

5. Another great tip on how to sleep less and have more energy is to eat every 3 hours. But instead of snacking on junk food and carbs, eat vegetables or fruits. This will not only boost your energy level, but also help your mind to concentrate and your muscles to function properly.

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