How to Get Rid of Tiredness at Work

Published: 02nd September 2010
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Tiredness and sleepiness are common among most people, but you should not let it interfere with your daily tasks and activities, including your work. It's hard to stay focused at work when you feel sleepy. Your productivity is compromised when you lack energy and feel exhausted. Nobody wants to get caught by his or her boss snoozing on his or her desk. Nobody wants to miss a project or promotion because of his or her poor performance.

Perhaps you see a lot of your co-workers having frequent coffee breaks, but grabbing a tall cup of coffee every hour is not really a healthy way to get rid of tiredness and sleepiness. You can do better than that. There are much better and more natural ways to get rid of tiredness and keep yourself in the best shape at work. Here are some steps and tips that are worth-considering.

1. Looking at the computer screen for long hours can be tiring. What you can do is to sit comfortably on your chair with your eyes closed. Do this for a few minutes to give your eyes a rest from whatever task you are working on.

2. Whenever you feel tired and sleepy, just close your eyes and massage your temples in circular motions. This helps lower the tension that you feel in your head. By rubbing your temples, you'll feel much more awake and energized.

3. They say any form of exercise can keep your body fit and active. If you feel sleepy and tired inside the office, you can do a simple exercise that can help you get rid of tiredness and give you that energy boost. Take a 5-minute break from work and walk around the office, or maybe you can go up and down the stairs.

4. Snack on some nuts or dried fruits. Tiredness at work can sometimes be caused by hungriness. Perhaps a heavy lunch made you feel lethargic or maybe you didn't get enough to eat at lunch and you need a snack. Almonds and walnuts or dried mangoes and bananas will give you an instant lift.

5. Feeling tired and sleepy? Stand up and drink up. Drinking lots of water can keep dehydration at bay. Splashing cold water on your face can wake you up and get rid or tiredness. Water helps refresh your mind and invigorate your body. Sometimes moving a little to get a glass of water or going to the restroom for a water splash can energize you.

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